Juno Markets — отзывы

Juno Markets отзывы

At Juno Markets we’re passionate about trading. Founded by industry veterans, who believe in delivering long-term value to their clients and partners through a superior trading environment, personal service and always living up to the trust placed in the company.

Juno Markets was founded with a clear focus on delivering a global-minded broker to the Asian market. Founded and headquartered in Asia, we’ve worked hard to ensure an optimal trading experience for clients in the region. All of our technology including websites, trading servers, and liquidity providers are locally hosted in Asia. This translates to superior client service, faster execution, and minimal slippage for our traders.

The nature of technology is that it constantly evolves. So we are constantly working to upgrade and improve our solution and believe our clients deserve to know the facts. That’s why we always post our uptime, execution statistics and other relevant figures right here on the website.

We understand the value that local partners can provide for clients. We work with and continue to look for leading industry firms who can provide additional services to our clients like trading signals, education, and research.
Furthermore, we offer the opportunity for each our clients to work with us through our comprehensive IB program. Whether you are starting off on your own or have an existing business, we want to hear from you.

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